WINE in the time of ZOMBIES


“The attainment of a just society is the cherished hope of civilized men.
-Pierre Trudeau

It seems that we have come to a time in history where the most despicable, the most cruel, the most conniving have both the political and economic power. These persons, share many common traits with Vampires. Both are cold, calculating, and cruel. Both care NOTHING for the lives of others, but only for their own pleasure, even when it means sucking the life out of everyone else. Both have the ability to tell smooth lies. These are the elite.

But what of the masses? Where is their power? The power of the masses is in their willful ignorance. It is in their ability to believe the Vampires lies and to imbue them with god-like qualities. Their power lies in their unquestioning obedience to the Vampires. So, they advance, against all those who oppose evil, injustice, and cruelty. They no longer think for themselves because they are consumed with the basest instincts: 
to hate, to destroy, to consume.

Now the world is overrun by monsters. Where does that leave the objectors? How will we build a society of refuge and resistance? How will we keep the highest qualities of humankind: physical needs, ideas, sound money, food, water, nature, medicine, music, poetry, dancing, hope, friendship, love, spiritual belief, knowledge, rule of law, science, philosophy, and language?

These things, like Wine, require an organized, stable, educated, cooperative society to begin and to flourish. Only when we band together in the common goal of a just society will we be able to produce and keep those things. But, if we do, if we strive to build a nation devoted to the highest qualities of mankind, we shall have Wine, in the time of Zombies.


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